On 06-01-2020 23:44, Hauke Stieler wrote:
>> I could sort of understand if a business name was an emoji, rather than
>> real words, but I'm not aware of any cases of this?
> But I would tag a pure emoji-name of a company using the normal "name"
> key. However I'm also not aware of any case.

There seems to be some confusion about what name:Zsye is about. While
the ISO 15924 script code 'Zsye' is labelled 'emoji', the edit proposed
by Ferdinand0101 mainly introduces Regional Indicator Symbol pairs for
countries. These pairs tend to resolve to those countries' flags, e.g.,
🇳🇱, which you may see rendered as the Dutch flag, is composed of two
of these Regional Indicator Symbols that represent 'N' and 'L' (i.e., 🇳
and 🇱).

If done correctly, this would mean you could search OSM for a flag
copy/pasted from somewhere (like chat), and get the region represented
by that flag as a search result.

So to me it seems that this isn't so much about getting the emoji for
the Statue of Liberty to resolve (although that is possible), but more
about being to use country flags to search OSM for the corresponding

Of course the proposal should reflect on how to ensure the correct
Regional Indicator Symbol pairs are added. One way to do this, is by
using the exsiting ISO3166-1:alpha2 and flag keys, and verify that the
flag rendered via Regional Indicator Symbols matches the flag-value.

Jeroen Hoek

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