On 07-01-20 14:14, Rory McCann wrote:> Countries in OSM should already
include the ISO3166 code as a tag. Data
> consumers, or OSM based search engines, could just interpret the emoiji
> search term as 2 regular ASCII characters, and do the look up there. No
> need for a separate emoiji tag.

That is a good suggestion, but the problem is that not every ISO 3166
code is a valid Regional Indicator Symbol pair. There are also other
codes that cannot be derived from the ISO 3166 code, such as the flags
for England, Scotland, and Wales, which are represented by a different
Unicode/emoji mechanism called Tags (e.g., the flag of Scotland is
represented by the Unicode emoji 🏴 (waving black flag) followed by the
tag-characters 'gbsct').

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tags_(Unicode_block)

> If you add it as a separate tag, then there's the risk that data becomes
> different from the ISO code.

I'm not too worried about that. Countries tend to remain rather stable
on the map; any changes usually imply countries changing names (and
regimes), splitting up, or combining with other countries, and garner a
lot of scrutinization. I would wager that name:Zsye will be updated
before at least half of the other name-tags is.

Jeroen Hoek

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