Dear all,

I'm doing some work cleaning the edits we've done around Padova for the local plan for the elimination of architectural barriers (some references here:

The height of kerbs, in this context defined as the nodes at the intersection between sidewalks and crossings, is quite an important element for the evaluation of accessibility of sidewalks and crossings. I think the agreed tagging system is:

kerb=yes/lowered/raised/flush + kerb:height=<a number><unit>

as described here

Around Padova I found some inconsistencies that I'm going to correct, but I see similar ones around the world and I'd like to ask you if you think they should be corrected, when found.

Here the questions:

 * should the tag barrier=kerb be always avoided in these cases and
   deleted when found? (
 * is the tag height=* to be always changed into kerb:height=* ?

Thank you,


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