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> Noticed amenity=shelter. I initially thought about combining it with
> shelter-type:picnic, but it seems too... "open" for me. Like, not a
> complete building.

Shelter seems "open."  But so does "picnic."  Wikipedia confirms my
understanding of "picnic" - an outdoors meal:

All I've managed to turn up on Google for "picnic room" are translations of
"salle hors sac" made by people who don't speak English as a first language.
Google Translate gives me "out of bag" for "hors sac" which in colloquial
English would be "packed meal."  And you take a packed meal on a picnic,
so "salle hors sac" turns into "picnic room."  Which is not colloquial
or anything a British English speaker would comprehend as being what you
want to map.

What you're describing is almost a cafeteria (which we already have a tag
except that there may not be any purchasable food and, if there is
food, it's from a vending machine whereas real cafeterias generally offer
food.  So fast_food=cafeteria is a better fit, but still not a good fit.

A better fit would be automat, although I think that's an American term with
little or no usage in British English.
And, if I understand you correctly, there may not be vending machines in
some of
these places, and most real automats wouldn't let you bring your own food.

I can't think of any good term for a building which contains tables and
which you can use to eat a packed meal.  We have leisure=outdoor_seating
for consumption of meals/drinks,  but that is open, even if covered.  And
tag value itself doesn't convey that it's for food, you have to look at the
page or see that it is used near to somewhere serving food which is tagged
as having outdoor seating.  So inventing leisure=indoor_seating is
probably a bad idea, especially if there are no vending machines.

It probably needs something along the lines of
(needs a better name than that) with optional amenity=vending_machine +
vending=food|drinks nodes.  And maybe an explicit bring_your_own_food=yes
(needs a better name than that).  Actually, leisure=dining_room might be a
name than leisure=indoor_food_consumption, except it's not really used in
English for a public room but for a room in a house or guest house.

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