On 1/29/2020 6:14 PM, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
The healthcare=* tags were formally proposed and voted on 10 years ago.
Included in that proposal (
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?oldid=1318635  ) was the idea
that dual-tagging some features with both amenity=*/healthcare=* would
be the norm until the healthcare=* tags had wide usage and software support.
But healthcare=pharmacy was never included in the proposal. In fact
the proposal authors originally wanted to change amenity=pharmacy to
shop=pharmacy, but changed the proposal due to negative comments.

https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?oldid=1318635  - link to
voted proposal

This explains why healthcare=pharmacy was unused prior to the iD
change (the other 4 tags had a small amount of use, though only a
couple percent of the amenity=hospital/doctors/clinic/dentist tags)

Note also that the voted proposal does not mention replacing
amenity=clinic with healthcare=clinic, and does not specifically state
that any tags are to be deprecated.

It's true that some values of healthcare=* were not included in the
original proposal. This is normal, new values get added to existing keys
all the time, and are documented on the relevant wiki pages if they gain
traction.  A wiki reader who's interested in the history can research it
by reading the original proposal and paging through the page versions.
We don't need to crowd the table with footnotes.

The approved proposal specifically called for replacing amenity=hospital
with healthcare=hospital, amenity=doctors with healthcare=doctor, and
amenity=dentist with healthcare=dentist. Even though the proposal did
include healthcare=clinic, it did not, as you note, specifically call
for replacement of amenity=clinic. The word "deprecate" was never used.
But if there ever *is* a time to consider deprecating amenity=hospital
etc, it certainly isn't now. Maybe we can talk about it in 10 or 20
years. Meanwhile there *will* be some dual tagging. Both
amenity=hospital and healthcare=hospital are correct tags -- one because
it's a de facto tag with over 150 thousand uses, and one because it's
been proposed, voted on, and approved.

Your current claim on the wiki that these overlapping tags are used by
only "one editor" (ie, iD) is completely false. I use them all the time,
and I avoid iD like the plague. If you're still interested in the
quality of the healthcare=* page, please have another pass at making it
factually correct, *useful* for new users, and from a neutral point of view.

Thanks, Jason

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