Kevin Kenny wrote:
> I think we can both agree that in practice there is no clear 
> consensus on what to do in the specific case where a road 
> has a reference but no other name.

Honestly, there is, and it's as Paul and I have described - you put the ref
in the ref tag and leave the name tag blank. This is how it has been in OSM
since pretty much day one. If a newbie in Europe puts a ref in the name tag,
it gets stomped on pretty quickly.

The reason it might seem otherwise in the States is that the TIGER import
didn't populate the ref tag, just the name tag, and a lot of the TIGER
import still hasn't been cleared up. So there's a bunch of TIGER-derived
roads which have things like "name=County Road 23" (or Township Road, or "Co
Rd", or many other variations).

This was never an active decision to do it this way; it's just that lots of
TIGER hasn't been fixed, particularly the rural areas where unnamed County
Roads are more common. Fixing this wouldn't be a bad thing for a mechanical
edit to do.


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