I would like to bring this up in the list.
I am not happy with the recent change of the key:access page of the wiki

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The OpenStreetMap Wiki page Key:access has been changed on 24 May 2020
by Flohoff, see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access for the
current revision.

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In my country (Italy) there are literally thousands of ways where it is
most likely legal to pass by bicycle, but there is no (practical) way of
finding out.
Essentially two classes:

   - plenty of ways that look from the layout like combined foot-cycle
   paths but have  no signage at all
   - plenty of service roads which show the "no transit for any vehicle"
   sign <https://images.app.goo.gl/Uh6yNJ5V646TMrWw7>, but in reality you
   can happily pass with your bicycle and no policeman will ever say anything,
   or even know that "no vehicle" legally includes "no bicycle", There are
   plenty of cases where even signposted cycle routes follow such roads.

I am consistently using bicycle=permissive in these cases, well being aware
that I do not know of he owner has given permission. Basically any
cycle-routing would come to a halt without this trick.

The strict wording introduced by Florian is simply not practically
applicable here.
My questions are:
Is Italy the only country with this problem?
Is there any better proposal for tagging the situation "from all I can see
on the ground, you are allowed ride through with your bicycle"
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