Am 23.06.2020 um 06:29 schrieb Joseph Eisenberg:
The wiki page Key:boat <> says that tag is to specify

"Legal access restriction for boats. In the sense of OSM these are small boats and pleasure crafts, including yachts."

The picture shows a "no rowboats" sign: File:A.16_Fahrverbot.svg <>

But there is also a key canoe=* - the page Key:canoe <> says:

"Legal access restriction for boats without a motor or a sail like canoes, kajaks or rowboats."

I can see how canoes and kayaks are basically the same, since both are narrow boats that usually carry 1 or 2 people and are propelled by paddles.

But should rowboat access restrictions be under this key canoe=yes/no/designated, or are they under boat=yes/no/designated - or something else?

I would consider a rowboat a 'boat' - but the problem is that the "No rowboat" sign does not mean the vehicle class but the 'drive' of the vehicle:
"A boat that is _not_ driven by motor or sail."
So it also forbids canoe/kayak.

So the access can only be determined correctly if a rowboat is considered with the access canoe=*.

E.g. the german regulations differ

a) by drive
- motor
- sail
- oars/paddle

b) by class
- sport (motor or sail boat/yacht - but not: canoe, kayak, rowboat, surf..., jetski)
- waterski
- wind-/kitesurfing
- waterscooter/jetski

So the access restriction boat=* could only be used for 'sport' boats with motor or sail.

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