Joseph Eisenberg:
> The wiki page Key:boat <> says 
> that tag
> is to specify 
> "Legal access restriction for boats. In the sense of OSM these are small 
> boats and
> pleasure crafts, including yachts."
> The picture shows a "no rowboats" sign: File:A.16_Fahrverbot.svg
> <>
> But there is also a key canoe=* - the page Key:canoe
> <> says:
> "Legal access restriction for boats without a motor or a sail like canoes, 
> kajaks or
> rowboats."
> I can see how canoes and kayaks are basically the same, since both are narrow 
> boats
> that usually carry 1 or 2 people and are propelled by paddles.

And Stand Up Paddle?

> But should rowboat access restrictions be under this key 
> canoe=yes/no/designated, or
> are they under boat=yes/no/designated - or something else?

rowboats are not canoes.
We are missing a more generic term.
In the international rules it is "vessels under oars"

I checked the tags in Denmark.

Gudenåen and Skjern Å has canoe=permissive. But rowboats are also allowed (I 
rowed on Gudenåen several times).

Tåning Å has boat=yes, canoe=yes, motorboat=no

There was also a floating pier tagged with canoe=yes.
And that is probably not for rowboats. Clubs typically have different piers for
rowboats and kayaks.

I would say that we could have both "canoe" and "rowboat" and that both canoe 
rowboat are also boat, just as e.g., hgv is also motor_vehicle.

rowboats should not be canoes.
In particular canoe=portage and canoe=put_in is wrong for rowing boats.

Rowing clubs:

Niels Elgaard Larsen

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