Am Do., 17. Sept. 2020 um 18:32 Uhr schrieb Matthew Woehlke <>:

> *Traffic* lights I can buy. I am more suspicious of the claim that you
> can tell whether they have pedestrian crossing signals or not,

usually pedestrian crossings are marked, and depending on the imagery
resolution and width of the markings you might be able to see it. In my
area these are marked with zebra markings, and you can try to see whether
there are also stop lines for cars (i.e. traffic signals).

> or that
> you can reliably identify other signage based solely on outline.

I have seen some stop signs with additional "stop" road markings that were
clearly visible from above.
Stop-signs and give way signs use different road markings around here. The
real question in my context is: does it still apply, or has the situation
changed since these pictures were taken.

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