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OSM addresses are physical, 'locational' addresses


it is the anomalous postal addresses that need to have their own scheme....if at all.

some mapper in France are using contact:* for that (and also
some contact:addr for a kind of number+street and sometime CP+city)

note that no (including fr) app is known for using that
and due the fact that some mappers also put physical/locational addresses into contact:*, you can't know what this info represents without having the other addr:* object with the same address
to compare the distance between the 2

Comparing the difference between the two and it still may not be determined.


contact:postal:street=* etc. could do the job and be reasonably obvious? Yes there would need to be a good wiki page to say that these are postal/delivery addresses rather than the physical location of the feature, and then changes to the addr: wiki pages ... The changes to addr pages I see as clarification of the usual practice and normal circumstance. He use of contact:postal:*=* would only be for the exceptions?

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