That's the best I can do for now:
You can kind of see the gaps between the stones.

On 17/02/2024 17:46, Åbn wrote:
I think you should provide a picture.

On February 17, 2024 5:19:06 PM UTC, Anne-Karoline Distel via Tagging
<> wrote:

    I'm not sure I'm understanding the differences between
    surface=sett and surface=paved or if what I'm trying to map is
    covered by either. Where I live, there are some streets that are
    paved, but the stones aren't set firmly, so they wobble a bit when
    you drive/ cycle over them. It is perfectly safe, but it allows
    rainwater to drain quicker, at least I think that is the reason
    for this type of paving. It sounds a bit like a xylophone (well,
    lithophone, I guess), when going over them. Considering climate
    change and the higher likelihood of flooding etc, it would be
    important to map the difference between paved streets that don't
    allow for quick drainage and these loosely paved streets. There is
    probably some technical term for it. So, in short: Do we have a
    tagging scheme for those or not? Anne
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