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On 10/24/07, T. Lamine Ba <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Here it is.
> I use Tomcat 5.0.28.  I also use the tomcat connector and apache to
> listen on port 80 to domain names of my websites.  Each website has a
> virtual host configured in httpd.conf (apache) and server.xml
> The configuration works great except for one thing.  The tomcat
> container is not able to execute my ResourceManagerListener servlet,
> which is a class where I initialize all my application variables.  The
> class is referenced in the my webapp web.xml file as follows:
> <listener>
>     <listener-class>
>             servlets.ResourceManagerListener
>         </listener-class>
>   </listener>
> ResourceManagerListener is located under the directory
> "<webapp>/WEB-INF/classes/servlets".  When I do not use any virtual
> hosting and I reference the website from the base directory, such as
> http://www.mytomcatbase.com/mywebappfolder instead of
> http://www.mywebapp.com , then every thing works.
> Please advise how I can specify a listener class in web.xml after a
> virtual hosting configuration moves the container context.

For clarification, which listener interface does
ResourceManagerListener implement. I assume it would be

*** indeed it implements ServletContextListener

When you say, "not able to execute", what does that mean? Were
exceptions thrown? Did the listener appear not to be loaded?

*** Logs read "Error ListenerStart" + "Context startup failed"

Have you tried running on TC 5.5.x?

*** I do not have this flexibility.  I use what my hosting company

> Thx, Lamine.

Kris Schneider <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
directThought  <http://www.directThought.com/>

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