Thank you, Stuart! This is what I want to know.

2019-08-20 16:48 GMT+09:00, Stuart Thiel <>:
> Ah, it is parameter casting you're after. That was unclear from your
> initial request. What does:
> <sql:param value="${0 + param.member_id}"/>
> yield?

 Following correctly works!!

<c:set var="member_id" value="1" scope="session"/>
<sql:setDataSource dataSource="jdbc/kome" var="kome"/>
<sql:update var="stmt" dataSource="${kome}">
 insert into test values(?,?)
 <sql:param value="${0 + member_id}"/>
 <sql:param value="Miyauchi"/>

 Regards,                     Kazuaki Miyauchi, Japan

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