> It would be neat to get some help - I have tried unsuccessfully reaching
> to the debian cryptocoin team as well as some package maintainers that I
> saw maintain packages related to this area, but nothing. I am still
> expecting an answer from two more people, hope to get them in the next days.

> But if not,
> If there is someone in the Tails Foundation Team that can help with
> Debian packaging, just point him in my direction and we can sponsor
> this.

Thanks for the prompt feedback!

Can you please:

1. Let me know once you've received these answers (or given up on
   waiting for them), "in the next days" as you said.

2. Send me (privately if that's more appropriate) the conclusion of
   these conversations: I don't want us to nag the same folks with the
   same questions you've already asked them.

And then, I'll happily organize the next steps to resolve this with
our Foundations Team :)

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