Hi Tails-Project@ !

You may be interested by this event : https://fdln.insa-rennes.fr/

Its a Festival about Digital Freedom(s), that will start in a couple of
days in Brittany (France). The festival is organized by public schools &
libraries and its the 4th edition, but the first one to not use the name
"Cryptoparty" in order to try to reach a broader audience. There will be
talks about impact of technologies, ethics, whistleblowers, journalism
security and of course, Tails will be presented a couple of times :-).

You can read a bit more of context and why we choose to organize it in
schools and libraries in our last year mail:

I know the time-frame is short, but if you would like to join, you are
warmly welcome. Feel free to contact me if i can help to organize your
venue (GPG on request).


[Apologies for the late announcement]

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