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> The Licensing Working Group has obtained explicit special permission
> to incorporate geographic datasets from data.gov.au in the
> OpenStreetMap project database published under any free and open
> license, including ODbL,


Regretfully, the user who imported the
> data will not accept the new CTs for the ABS2006 import account and we
> respect his wishes.

Firstly, excellent news - well done to all involved.

Secondly, With the greatest respect to the user concerned, who has been a
great contributor to OSM, I don't think we need necessarily respect his
wishes.  We need to look a bit more carefully at this area to see if
anything has happened between the data source and OSM which could possibly
be considered creative or original, or if it is just a pure data

Thirdly, lets make sure we take small steps with any renewed data imports.
The 2006 ABS import has had some great uses, but there are still gaps in the
community understanding of what it is and how we can use it.  Hopefully we
can learn from the previous mistakes before performing or renewing any mass
data imports.

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