Do not quit understand.
"man_made bridge 'under' a highway"
In this case the bridge, there was a railway on/over it and the highway passes under it. So there is nothing to connect at the edges.

Op 8/08/2017 om 13:13 schreef Glenn Plas:
I have a few remarks on this, the biggest one is that we don't map for
the renderer...  (hardly ever preferably).

The second one is that I think this solution is not the correct one, if
you put a man_made bridge 'under' a highway, you should connect the
bridge to the highway at the edges.   add a node that connects both and
then rendering will be a lot better but not quite like you would expect.

transforming a bridge layout into a tunnel one isn't reflecting the real

This is something that should be fixed in the renderer, not in the data.


On 08-08-17 12:27, Jakka wrote:
Determination: a bridge with nothing going over it anymore added as
man_made=bridge and layer=1 is not rendered well.
To counter it I made for the highway tunnel=yes layer=-1
PS image on dropbox will not stay for ever....

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