@Ben: I was also thinking about proposed, but I don't like how this is not
in the main tag. Instead of route=bicycle + state=proposed, I would prefer
something like route:proposed=bicycle. Then you automatically break
data-use that hasn't heared about these 2000 objects worldwide that have a
breaking extra tag. I can see how that would be annoying. Still, the
specialists (cycle layer, waymarkedtrails) seem to know about it, so I
suppose that ship has sailed.

@all: so it would be OK to map "official detours", if signposted.

Subquestion: But a Fietsostrade is more than a cycle route, it also comes
with certain assumptions about road properties (much like a car motorway
does). The official detour would definitely be missing those features. I
would say that as long as there is no one-on-one between the route and the
road features, data users should not make assumptions about "this is part
of a fietsostrade route, hence it will have fietsostrade infrastructure".
And we should map those properties that make it special on the segments
only. The alternative would be to have two types of relations or two types
of roles within a relation.

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