On 15/10/2016 21:35, ael wrote:
I have discovered a few local places displaying incorrect ratings. I have
just found a particularly bad example displaying a "5" when their
actual rating (if the FSA website is correct) is actually "2". The
lastest inspection was only a month ago, so I suppose that it is just
possible that they used to be a "5", and haven't "got around" to
removing the sticker for the 5 rating.

Perhaps we should have something like "notname", "wrongdisplay" perhaps,
to alert the FSA in such cases?

I am not too serious since we are only providing the id rather than the
absolute value of the rating, and we don't want to alienate companies,
even when they may not be the most honest.

You'll find it also occurs in the opposite way. I've noticed a couple of 4s not upgrading to 5. Most establishments, for obvious reasons, 'forget' to display when the have a 3 or less rating,

I had a strange discussion with a prestigious 5* rated hotel, whose kitchens had a FHRS rating of 2 for nearly a year. They made internal improvements but did nothing to get reassessed, feeling it was the job of the LA to chase after them to get a new rating!


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