Thanks Andy,

I've asked OS about Forestry Commission land, let's see what they say.

Cheers, Chris (chillly)

On 08/08/2017 09:37, Andy Robinson wrote:
Nice work Chris. As you say it does contain some privately owned space. It also 
looks somewhat out of date with changes from a couple of years ago not 
reflected and missing plenty of smaller play areas within our urban sprawls. A 
very useful tool for checking though.

Also as this set doesn’t include Forestry Commission land that is fully accessible it can 
give a false impression of some of our "open spaces". A good example is Cannock 
Chase (Staffs), which is mix of open space and Forestry Commission.


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I've taken a look at the latest OS open data: OS Open Greenspace. I've created 
a simple overlay made of 1x1 degree overlay tiles, which is probably a bit big 
for some areas, so scrolling can be a bit unpredictable.

There are ten types of green space in the dataset:

"Allotments Or Community Growing Spaces"
"Bowling Green"
"Golf Course"
"Other Sports Facility"
"Play Space"
"Playing Field"
"Public Park Or Garden"
"Religious Grounds"
"Tennis Court"

Click on an area to show the type and the name if it has one.

Often the OS open data is a bit of a crude representation but this looks a pretty good. 
OS described it as "public open space" but it certainly includes some 
privately-owned spaces such as private golf courses. I think this is a useful dataset to 
check an area to see if OSM is missing something.

Feedback is welcome. If it's useful, I'll probably sort out the tile sizes and 
change the colours for each type.

Chris Hill (chillly)

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