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Interesting, if only to note it's inaccuracies: a few parks are missing half of their full area in my locale.

Is National Trust/CRoW land in a separate database?

Actually, looking at NT land near me is pretty interesting - what is included and what is excluded is an odd combination:


(and compare with http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/331912832 which is the observable, mostly accessible Hardwick Park).

The GreenSpace dataset contains a number of fields that were historically part of Hardwick Park, are still owned by NT but aren't publicly accessible. It also includes some NT-owned fields that have never in my lifetime been part of Hardwick Park (but may have been before), and also a private pub car park, but doesn't include some adjacent NT-owned fields that were historically part of the same estate. It excludes new park access roads, so must have been updated fairly recently, and also excludes a farm access track through the estate, but not the farmyard.

It's such an odd mixture that if I were a data consumer of it I'd be very reluctant to use it without combining it with something else to sanity check it. It's great for finding "hidden allotments" though - for example I'd never noticed https://raggedred.net/greenspace/#19/53.16869/-1.43609 before, and will now need to have a look to see what it actually is.

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