On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 01:36:22PM +0100, SK53 wrote:
> Moor (or possibly fell) covers a decent amount of Corine data imported
> across Europe as natural=heath. In effect natural=heath on OSM no longer
> means heath. It may mean any of the following:
>    - Upland vegetation in its broadest sense: unimproved upland grassland,
>    drier blanket bogs (covered by heather), Racometrium heath, Bilberry
>    dominated heath, Shrubby vegetation dominated by brooms (at least in France
>    & Spain), and no doubt a few others I've missed.
>    - Moorland in Britain, which is probably a slightly smaller subset of
>    the above
>    - Lowland heathland: places like the Surrey Heaths, Suffolk Sandlings,
>    Norfolk Brecks etc.
>    - Other less obvious lowland areas known as heaths: particularly with
>    large swathes of bracken and patches of birch.
> When this thread first started I thought we could work to remove these
> multiple meanings, but having seen what places with natural=heath from
> Corine imported-data in the Cevennes,  suspect that this is an unrealistic
> objective.

Well, surely this make the tag so general as to be pretty useless. The
original meaning was pretty specific and useful. "Moor" or something
equivalant is well understood (in the UK, at least) and is useful as
a broad description where detailed mapping is absent.

Anyway, I take it that no one is objecting to my changes and wanting to
revert them?


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