Hi Robert,

Thanks for the detailed response about the edubase update. Sounds like you
took a sensible approach when making these updates (e.g. avoiding the
complex cases such as mergers).

You make a good point about name inconsistency and data supplier. Like you,
I have found "name" inconsistencies across school's signs, websites, logos
and so on. It is a good reminder that in a lot of places those people
putting up a "name" outside a venue or on a website are more concerned
about describing it than using some official or legal name. If we go back
far enough this is how roads obtained their name - that is, they start out
as a description (such as Church Road) and we only consider them as
official names now due to government intervention.

This brings me on to the data supplier. Personally I'm happy to see us
using the names provided by the schools to Edubase. They are obviously not
lacking local knowledge so are very much like any other OSM contributor,
just that they don't contribute directly to OSM instead their data comes
via a third party.

Finally to our "ground truth" rule. Whilst easy to explain as desirable it
does come with problems. We see cases of the same thing having different
names (e.g. at different ends of the street) or a shop rebrand happening
quicker on all their online material than they can physically achieve on
the store front (e.g. Wilkinson to Wilko). We also have loads of open data
available to us now so one of the reasons for "ground truth", namely to
stop people copying data and the "Easter eggs" this contain, is less
relevant. As such if we have reason to believe that the "name" displayed on
the ground is more a description than a name or represents old branding
that will shortly be removed, then we should consider all available data
source options. Obviously if the sources show radically different things
then we need to investigate further an make use of the alt_name tag if

Hopefully this made some sense. Turned out to be a lot longer than I
originally expected so sorry if you struggled to follow.

P.S Hope the weather is not putting too many people off getting out there
to collect the ground data. It feels like it's been a long and cold winter
this year.

Best regards,

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