Hi all,
I'm fairly new to OSM, I map under the username OscarBrownbread.
I have been mapping Castlebar and Co. Mayo. Recently I have been looking
more at townlands!!!!

I have found many spelling errors in townland names (approx 10) in my
locality. Cross referencing them with the loganim data helped correct them.
Anyway, I now see many other challenges, I see many townlands that look
like they should be split. This is usually because of civil parishes (CPs)
or baronies going through them.

Here are some of the issues I have come across in my area.
(0) townland spelling mistakes due to hard-to-read or missing letters in
the Brittish War Maps source
(1) Civil parish "Balla" missing
(2) CP "Mayo" is split into two parts, "Mayo (clanmorris portion)" and
"Mayo (kilmaine portion)" due to different baronies
(3) townland "Brownhall Demense" belonging to CP "Mayo" disconnected from
the rest of the CP (disconnected by the CP Balla which we still need to add
to OSM). This forms two closed ways in the boundary relation instead of one.
(4) townland "Lugaphuill" really looks like it should be split in two
separate townlands with the same name that border eachother, but it is
currently one big townland in OSM. Now the name label (centroid) is in
another townland.

Ok, So I am Not looking for advice on how to solve each issue, that I can
try myself as I go forward. If you are curious, you can check out my OSM
map notes here.
But, I do need to know how to split townlands,

My question is, Should we split townlands to make parish/barony borders
more accurate?
This results in townlands with the exact same name bordering eachother.
Wouldn't this result in confusion for search engines, programming database
etc. ?? Is it even possible to handle this?
If we do split them (as it is shown on the more recent maps), should we
name them differently? e.g. ballytown #1, ballytown #2 ?
Possibly, name= ballytown, name_official=ballytown#1 or something like that?
I suppose we should rename but Townland names from the maps already contain
"north" "south" "east" "upper" "lower" etc. (BTW, anyone know why "upper"
is always to the south??)

Whatever we do, I don't think we should do anything logical or sensible,
that would not be in the spirit of mapping townlands ha ha ;p
(Jasus... I just came across "Buncam North" and below it, "Buncam East"....
where the hell is Buncam south?? ....Ahhh  ok.)

If I understand correctly:
(a) Townlands add up to parishes (so they should not overlap eachother),
yes or no?
(b) parishes and baronies are independent and can overlap eachother. yes or

Thanks for those who have read my rant this far, I hope this can help new
I understand that electorial districts (EDs) are more official but I hope I
can better understand how to proceed with splitting townlands and naming

Finally, I love our old townlands and I only want to help make them
accurate and available for all. Down with Eircodes, up with Townlands!! he

All the best,
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