The proposal doesn't say that it's not possible to map the actual platforms
as ways or areas in ADDITION to that node, if they are actually present.

What it says is that it's not necessary to transfer all the details from
the node to the way/area and replace the node in the route relations.

The node REPRESENTING the stop keeps fulfilling this function for the
lifetime of the stop's 'existence'.


2018-04-10 2:43 GMT+02:00 Bill Ricker <>:

> On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 1:19 PM, Jo <> wrote:
> > Here goes my proposal for a reform in mapping public transport:
> [nodes not platforms]
> If this applies to Heavy Rail and Light Rail rapid transit and not
> just Bus Stops, I object.
> The Transport layer on OpenStreetMap is much more useful at high zoom
> levels with Platform entities in the DB than it would be without them.
> From
> 09989#map=18/42.34678/-71.09936&layers=T
> one can see that the two lines do NOT share a platform so that one can
> not change directions with a wheelchair without taking two elevators,
> either of which may be out of service; but if there was only one
> platform between two lines, one could.
> I support simplicity, but agree with Einstein: Things should be as
> simple as possible, but not simpler. This proposal goes too far.
> --
> Bill Ricker
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