Hi all, well here's a post to announce a new show that I'll be starting on tbrn if everything goes to plan. It wil happen after Things 'n stuff, yes, that's right, things 'n stuff. That's 16:00 nz standard, 4 gmt. It'll be the Late night, early morning (not quite breakfast) show.
Basically, I'll be showing off some of the more weird music, such as video game, and computer stuff. Yes, I'm a freak I know but thought why not? It gives me something to do on a Sunday afternoon.
So, this week, I'll present some perhaps incriminating tapes I found of me from a few years ago, and perhaps a certain some one might show up. I'll say no more at this point other than stay tuned after things 'n stuff for my freakyness.
Well that's all for now, so bee'ee'eep.

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