Hi all.
I am bored.
and so I am combining tracks in audacity.
and making mixes.
some of which may need extra tweaking.
So far if there is an instromental, I will do it.
mostly its djtt and onj because its all remixes of things.
I am also doing ninjams and other things.
I will post the file on dropbox and send a link at the list.
Note that these are rough mixes, also, if things work out then who knows.
anyway just letting the list know.
if anyone wants me to do something special, just name a track.
Oh and everyone retains the copywrites to their tracks, I can't claim to 
anything except mashing stuff up.
or rather combining them.
Some of the tracks may need chopping, lowering, etc.
some don't combine or anything at all.
usually I would be listening to tbrn shows but since the system releases 403 
errors at me to get the latest files I am bored.
I will send people things when finnished.

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