Hi all.
ok guys.
after doodling round the folders I think I have doubled most of the tracks that 
I think should sound ok doubled up.
I did imports on audacity.
anyway this 156mb file will be hitting dropbox tomorrow, I'll leave it up there 
for as long as people want although I probably will have to have someone host 
it if I ever need to put a big file up there.
here are the tracks.
2pac and bruce hornsby - changes (the way it is) double up mix.ogg
This has the instrumental as well as actual music, sounds ok.
though saying that people need to be the judge with this.
also there were mixes I'd like to do but for pitch changes I couldn't, also 
some just didn't sound good.
Please note, that these are raw remixes.
some need to be trimmed, some need to be lowered some.

15 17 fun remix.ogg
This is part of the ninjam, if someone wants to trim the last 2 mins at the end 
or something they can.
a new dimention old vs new.ogg
not sure if this really matters or not.
I was going to do that to one fine doob, put steve's version with the normal, 
but I lost that file in a hard disk crash.
oh well.
another rainey rooftile.ogg
hmmm instrumentals and djtt tracks shoved together.
seems to work.
bec in a bin alternit bass mix.ogg
loads of base on this one saying that once its been done with it probably is 
not going to be that much of a good thing.
bec in a disco.ogg
again more versions of the same track, sounded ok.
bec waterflow mix.ogg
this seems to have a watery effect when mixed, note I don't put effects, I mix 
the music and it makes its own fx I have no control 
cher believe unbidden love funk.ogg
This has a semi funk effect on it, again it came that way.
Common things on 2 solos.ogg
this actually worked well, really sounds goodl.
conference underwater mix.ogg
This does actually sound like underwater.
random fx again.
Disfunctional part 4, the double cheeseburger.ogg
this has parts1 and 3 in it, sounds like a keyboard with a big amp in it.
Reminds me of the board I used in melbourne when living there.
that thing could pump bass.
east enders chill mix.ogg
this has the origional track mix as done by onj.
the instrumental done by said person and the djtt mix.
origionally it was like just the first 2 tracks.
Eminem - I just don't give a fuck (onj vs dj tt  megabass.ogg
this was the only track of this guy that actually did mix properly and sound 
the second one was a bit louder but not much changed.
freaky takeoff.ogg
this is all those files in one big chunk.
Unfortunately it may not be nothing or it may be everything, sounds like a 
takeoff now.
Inconsequencial - big band.ogg
sounds ok, though you could argue it clashes a bit.
maybe if its edited some then it will work.
my main reason was because the ninjam version has not had drums.
Leaving full loadout.ogg
this may need actual volume adjustment but it came out just as the title said.
loquacious woodblock mix.ogg
again I have no actual control of fx.
this sounded like woodblocks or rather the drums did.
Mariah Carey - Loving you long time (TT vs Onj megablast.ogg
this has both instrumental and vocal tracks in it, its basey and sounds ok.
missing  you full version.ogg
this is everything bar the vocal bits.
as they didn't start at the same time as the others.

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