if I may go on the china thing, I think the i like chinese track from monti 
pithon will be appropriate.
thanks for letting us know about the onj.
At 05:58 p.m. 22/09/2009, you wrote:
> First and foremost I must open this sort of trailer by offering my 
> congratulations to Andre and Kirsten on the birth of their son, Jacob Peter 
> Louis, born yesterday at 6:58 AM BST with a weight of 10.6 LBs.  
>For those who haven't, I encourage you to offer up your well wishes when you 
>can.  With a baby boy that big, his parents will need all the well wishes they 
>can get, I'd imagine.
> Next, I feel the need to preface this promotion by letting everyone know that 
> The Beyond Radio Network has not fallen down on itself.  Due to the actions 
> of a few jerks from China who had nothing better to do over in the land of 
> Hu, archives and autimation have been taken down throughout the course of the 
> rest of September to prevent any additional costs on data and bandwidth and 
> such.  Therefore in honor of their sudden, but malevolent, interest in the 
> network, tonight's edition of The John Zone will pay tribute to them in the 
> most sardonic way possible.  (The availability of show archives will resume 
> on October 1.  
>In the meantime, consult each show broadcaster for any desired archive, as 
>most of us plan to post September broadcasts on personal or alternate servers 
>for the next week or two.)
> A recent series of Twitterings from two of the station's most beloved and 
> elderly Sacramentons posed the very interesting question of what tracks could 
> comprise the ultimate "music to poop by" playlist.  I have my own selections 
> of course, but tonight I encourage listeners young and old, black or white, 
> regular or not so regular to tune in with suggestions of your own.
> I know that few of the usual listeners are even remotely interested in the 
> sports world.  However the Dallas Cowboys suffered a loss at the first 
> regular season game held at the new billion dollar Cowboys Stadium this past 
> Sunday evening at the hands of the New York Giants.  Never missing an 
> opportunity to open myself up to on-air ridicule, this is another chance for 
> those of you in Yankee territory to give this Texan a hard time, as the game 
> was not decided until literally the last eight seconds of the fourth quarter. 
>  If not for the supply of chicken wings and roasted peanuts, I would have 
> cried.
> Finally The John Zone celebrates several notable September 22 birthdays: 
> including Emilie Autumn, 30; Mystikal, 39; Matt Sharp of Weezer, 40; Joan 
> Jett and Andrea Bocelli, 51; Toni Basil, 66; and Jeremiah Wright, 69; as well 
> as Bulgarian and Malian Independence Day.  
>Your requests, comments, and fizzy drinks are as always welcome.  So tune in 
>tonight to http://listen.tbrn.net:8888/tbrn.ogg.m3u beginning at 6PM EDT, 5PM 
>CDT, 3PM PDT, 11PM BST, and Wednesday at midnight CEST, 8AM CST, 10AM NZST, 
>and noon CKT, and let's kick off the change of seasons the way such autumnal 
>equinoxes were meant to be celebrated!
>Did you miss a message?  Well, don't.
>has it for you.  Never miss a Talk2 message again.

Did you miss a message?  Well, don't.
has it for you.  Never miss a Talk2 message again.

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