There isn't actually a time zone called lint is there?
If so, wow.

That is all.

John Clower wrote:
Until the cease and desist order goes through, it’s time for another edition of The John Zone tonight on The Beyond Radio Network! March 9 is notoriously an insignificant day historically, and perhaps this year will not break the trend. However, the two previous days have been far more eventful. On March 7, the 82nd Academy Awards were held in the illustrious Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Literally dozens watched as the pioneers of the cinematic world gave each other Oscar statuettes forged in the fires of sweet buttery pop corn and sticky theater floors. The John Zone shall therefore commemorate this momentous event as only The John Zone can.

It has been widely disseminated that yesterday was International Women’s Day, but perhaps just as significantly, March 8 also happened to be the anniversary of the first airing of the iconic classic, Beavis and Butt-Head, which premiered seventeen years ago yesterday. Honoring both separately would be easy enough, but wouldn’t it be even more enjoyable to combine the two? Yes, this can be done.

There are also many a birthday of note: including Bow Wow, 23; Chingy, 30; C-Murder, 39; Shannon Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, 40; Johnny Kelly of Type O Negative, 42; Brendan Canty of Fugazi, 44; Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and The Raiders, 68; President Zillur Rahman of Bangladesh, 81; as well as the downright spritely Phoebe Knapp and Tsar Alexis I, who are a mere 161 and 381 years of age, respectively. More Texas-related recordings, a new mashup from Jeffrey Rainey, vintage incrimination from a 13-year-old me, your requests, comments, and exaggerated descriptions of what you’re having for dinner can be heard tonight beginning at 11PM GMT, 6PM EST, 5PM CST, 4PM MST, 3PM PST, 1PM HAST, noon SST, and on Wednesday at midnight CET, 1AM EET, 9AM EST, 10AM EDT, noon NZDT, and 1PM LINT via either or

There isn’t really a cease and desist order, by the way.

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Did you miss a message?  Well, don't.
has it for you.  Never miss a Talk2 message again.

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