Umm, I'm top posting this because I think there is some misunderstanding
about the nature of the original post.

This is a contract offer for tender. While most of us do lots of different
things related to Linux and roll our own solutions, the OP is looking for a
special skill set they don't seem to have in house, so to speak.

Having done a Red Hat net kick-start floppy, through peek and poke, some
sixteen years ago, I know the basics can be done fairly simply.

I believe the OP is looking for someone to write scripts to handle the
installation of special partitioning and specialized hardware and software.

Python / Pearl and HW troubleshooting knowledge would come in handy for
hardening a commercial product like the one described.

Since this is an appliance, the biggest obstacle I see is the appliance
form factor uniformity. You don't want the ISO installer to choke on a
slight firmware or other issue.

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I'm involved in a start-up which has developed software to run on Ubuntu
Linux [1].  We're currently looking to sell "appliance" servers with the
software pre-installed.  We want to streamline the installation process by
building a custom install ISO which uses our required partitioning scheme
and installs some additional drivers and software that are not available on
the base image.

We'd like to hire someone on a contract basis to do this for us.
Primarily, we just need someone who can work through the steps here: based on our
requirements.  Minimal requirements include having the installer:
 - Partition drives in a particular configuration
 - Install specific required packages
 - Install NVIDIA and CUDA drivers
 - Create a special user and execution of a scripts to install software as
that user.

If you're interested or have any questions feel free to send me an email
with your CV and some idea of what your rates might be.


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