On 08/04/2017 11:00 PM, Anthony de Boer via talk wrote:
> Lennart Sorensen via talk wrote:
>> Remember when Linux had a layer to run x86 BSD binaries?  Now freebsd
>> can run linux binaries instead.  I think it was called iBCS back in
>> the day.
> It was, and led to TLUG's finest moment, way back when Linux was new and
> there was only one book about it and O'Reilly sent the author (Matt
> Welsh, IIRC) on the speech circuit.  He was standing up in Toronto and
> got to iBCS and how you could use a Linux system to run all your
> commercial Unix binaries and someone in the front row kept interrupting
> with minor corrections.  Finally Matt got fed up and declared "_I_ wrote
> the book" to which Drew Sullivan replied, "And I wrote the kernel code!"

I remember that meeting and I still have my copy of the book "Running
Linux", which Matt Welch autographed that night.
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