| From: David Collier-Brown via talk <talk@gtalug.org>
| Later this month I'm joining a company that is fairly Go-intensive.  They
| originally prototyped in Perl, but over time needed more performance but not
| to the level that would require assembler or even C.
| What else have folks observed?

I'm sitting far on the sidelines.  I've never used Go or Swift.  From
a distance, they look similar.

Swift seems to have a lot of take-up in the iOS world.  Anything else
would be going against the grain.

Swift has been released to the world, but I don't hear of it being
used much outside of iOS (I might be deaf).  I'm not sure why.  I know
that I don't trust Apple to leave anything open.  Maybe the library is
second-class outside of iOS.

Go isn't supported as much as I'd expect by Google.  For example,
TensorFlow no longer supports Go -- Python all the way.  I don't even
know if Android SDK supports Go.

The game of Go is all about capturing territory.  I think programming
language adoption has similarities.  Google's AlphaGo is the best Go
player in the world.
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