I used to use NFS back in 2000 - back when we still thought unsecured local
services were okay.  And I loved it - it was slow, but very useful.  So I'd
like to start using it again, but I want it secured.  Apparently NFSv4
"mandates strong security" (according to Wikipedia): does that mean for
authentication, or encryption of files "in flight," or both?  And I keep
seeing it mentioned with Kerberos: I've been researching Kerberos a bit and
that really looks like something I'd rather NOT have to set up.  Is it
possible to run NFSv4 without Kerberos?  Pointers to recent, good tutorials
would also be deeply appreciated.

I'm using Fedora 27 and Debian (stable or testing) on the clients.  You can
stomp me if you like for my plan to use a Raspberry Pi as the server - I'm
not looking for speed as this will mostly be for backups.  I'd probably use
Raspbian unless there's a compelling reason to use one of the other Pi
distros.  Of course if this will really need more memory than the Pi has,
that's another issue ...

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