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After a bit more research and thought, It seems that NFS without Kerberos isn't secure, and I'm not implementing Kerberos - so I'm not implementing NFS.  I was already part way to the hinted at and directly proposed solution: rsync-over-ssh for backup, and Read-Only SMB for media sharing.  NFS would be more elegant, but without proper security its not acceptable to me for my private files.

Thanks to everyone for the responses: it helped me figure out what I wanted to do.

This is a bit of an extreme position to take.
If your CSE operating in a Tempest building then there may be reason to not have any unencrypted data on your network but most home networks run the preponderance of their traffic unencrypted. If your that concerned about your private files then you need to be backing them up to directly connected hardware.

If your looking for a network file system that supports network encryption take a look at Gluster. It can be used in a mode where there is no cluster of systems and no replication on a single server.
Its kind of a waste of all its features but it will work.

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