Thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion.

All comments read with great interest.

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I have been able to use a public-access workstation at my local public library 
branch, to download onto my USB hard drive (WD "Elements" model, pre-fomatted 
with NTFS):
  a.. the three debian Linux installation DVD isos; 
  b.. the System Rescue iso; 
  c.. the Windows installer .exe for unetbootin;
We are allowed to plug in our own USB devices (at least a USB hard drive works) 
to the library's public-access worlstations, and download files over the very 
fast Internet connection there.

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I had thought that the three (3) DVDs listed on the 

page, were all I needed to get a fairly current debian Linux installed on my 
new PC.

But now, with Lennart's comment about 3 BDs versus 13 DVDs, I'm very confused.

Looks like I need to do more research to understand exactly how many GB of 
debian Linux installation & update files, I am going to need to download.

I'm not a huge fan of doing massive software updates. I tend to be leery of 
just blindly updating software that is working fine. So picking and choosing 
what I update works for me.

Regardless, looks like its Back to the Browser, for more self-education ...

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There is some kind of CD burning utility software icon, on the main desktop 
display of the library workstation, so I'm going to see if this software can 
create a bootable Syatem Rescue image on a USB memory stick, from the System 
Rescue iso I have already downloaded to my USB hard drive.

Given the low prices i am seeing for USB memory sticks, my thinking is to buy 
two (2) and use one for a System Rescue boot stick, and the other for a debian 
Linux installation boot stick.

Thanks again to all commenters ...

Best Regards,


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Steve Petrie, P.Eng.

Oakville, Ontario, Canada
(905) 847-3253

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  On Sat, Mar 03, 2018 at 10:52:45AM -0500, Antonio Sun via talk wrote:
  > - System Rescue iso is good for some one-off hacks e.g. disk manipulation
  > but not a good way to do Debian Linux Installation.
  > - Even if you get all three installation DVD images onto that 1TB USB
  > drive, that may still be a less optimal option as you most probably need
  > massive update during or right after the installation.
  > The least-trouble option, contrary to what it seems, is to take your
  > machine to your friend's place with high speed Internet connection, and do
  > the initial installation there. All other options just defer the problems,
  > which you will bump into sooner or later.

  Debian is not 3 DVD images.  It is 14 DVD images or 3 BD images.
  About 60GB total for the images.

  Len Sorensen
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