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> | From: Giles Orr via talk <talk@gtalug.org>
> |  These days it
> | seems you want a /boot partition though - but I'm not the one to explain
> | the ins and outs of that.
> I've not seen a use for a /boot partition.
> With UEFI booting, you need a separate EFI System Partition.  This
> will be shared by all systems that boot off that drive.  This gets
> mounted on the mount point /boot/efi.  It will be some variant of FAT
> but the partition type will be distinct.

To correct my own post based on what Hugh said ... I was both right and
horribly wrong about that.  I was entirely correct "I'm not the one to
explain [this]."  And horribly wrong: what you usually want is what Hugh
said: an EFI System Partition.  I'd conflated that with a /boot/ partition
because it appears there.  My apologies.

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