Many Thanks To Lennart, Bob, Giles and D. Hugh,

All very helpful. Lots to think about.

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As a result of earlier advice from GTALUG members, I have already prepared two 
(2) USB memory stcks with bootable images, for verifying that the fresh PC 
build can indeed (at least): 1. boot System Rescue and 2. do a standard Linux 
  a.. System Rescue;
  b.. debian Linux install;
Once I get this new "baby" home, I'll start tinkering to get a final HDD 
configuration and debian Linux installation.

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Thanks also for much useful information around using VMs to run both Linux and 
Windows, elicited by Michael G. in thread subject "[GTALUG] VM decisions for 
school laptop..".

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One poster remarked that I'm "overthinking" the partitioning. So true. My 
Mother was a pathologically nit-picking bookkeeper -- what can I say ?? This 
thoroughness heritage was both the strength and the weakness of my IT career. 

The unfortunate "overthinking" mental condition has much improved during the 
slow slide, since retirement, into old age (when mercifully, most of the brain 
cells for anxiety have died off from overuse :) ...

Kudos to GTALUG !!



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    |  These days it
    | seems you want a /boot partition though - but I'm not the one to explain
    | the ins and outs of that.

    I've not seen a use for a /boot partition.

    With UEFI booting, you need a separate EFI System Partition.  This
    will be shared by all systems that boot off that drive.  This gets
    mounted on the mount point /boot/efi.  It will be some variant of FAT
    but the partition type will be distinct.

  To correct my own post based on what Hugh said ... I was both right and 
horribly wrong about that.  I was entirely correct "I'm not the one to explain 
[this]."  And horribly wrong: what you usually want is what Hugh said: an EFI 
System Partition.  I'd conflated that with a /boot/ partition because it 
appears there.  My apologies.




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