I agree, things should have worked differently. I have seen this kind of 
behavior once in a while. One workaround is as follows.

1. Go to the Edit Box, and turn off the Browse Mode.

2. Mark all the text, and copy it to the clipboard.

3. Hit Ctrl-A, then Del, to delete the text from the editbox.

4. Open things like Notepad, and paste in your copied text.

5. Do your editting, and then copy all back to the clipboard.

6. Go back to the Editbox, with browse mode still turned off, and paste 
in your etxt.

Like I said, it is a workaround - though a rather long way around a 
simple bush. Things really should not have to be that way, and I don't 
have a good answer on why they are.


On 9/22/2016 8:44 AM, Reg Webb via Talk wrote:
> Hi Ahsley
> Thanks for trying, but I don't think I explained the problem properly.
> I know how to turn browse mode on and off.  The problem is that, when
> browse mode is off, I should be able to edit what I've written.  When
> this happens, for whatever reason, the edit box goes silent, and normal
> reviewing with the arrow keys produces only silence.  The whole box
> reads with browse mode turned on, but it obviously can't be edited.  So
> far, the only way I've found to make the box speak when browse mode is
> off is to close and reopen W-E.
> I hope that's clearer.

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