Morning all:


Just venting my frustrations as new software is introcuced and the inability
to make it work for us with disability issues.


Example, previous to all of the we updates and older software , with a
little mouse keys and patience, we could make most software work for us.

Now it is almost hopeless


I speak mostly of software to make our computers safe from bad guys.


Ok, here are the programmes I use to use with no problems.


Avg, mallware bytes, spygot, to some extent ccleaner, utilities programmes
such as tune up utilities.



I see on many lists requests for help in running virus checkers, what use to
be normal software such as office software, spred sheets and it sure causes
me head aches.


I am using the latest we and windows 7, heaven help me when I r eally get
into windows 10.

As long as I keep things simple I can jolly my   way through, but, o for the
good days when using a computer was a thrill and fun.


Ok, rant over, happy computing




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