hahah when i first read the subject line I had to wonder what thunder was.

I've changed the subject line a bit to better reflect stuff.

anyways, for me, when i'm writing a message, pressing control shift t keystroke says Thunderbird write set, association none normal. So it would appear that there's a set file for when you're writing a message, but not when you're reading them. I know we can close and re-open Window-eyes to stop the repeating thing from happening, but i'd love it if the Window-eyes developers would at least acknowledge that they know the problem does exist for some folks at least? It'd make me feel a little better. It's always nice when you're having an issue, even if it's a slight one, and someone says they hear it and will do their best to fix it in the next release.

On 9/22/2016 11:40 AM, Casey via Talk wrote:
Hi I see when you have Thunderbird open and then you use control backslash to open window-eyes.
It says nothing about having A Thunderbird set file association with it.
Maybe this is causing the repeating problem.
So how do you get the set file for Thunderbird to load when the program loads? Like you would hear like lets say if you have word open and you would then hit control backslash and hear window-eyes tell you word and whatever file was running. So maybe this is the problem and so how do you get Thunderbird to do this?

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