Since the forced Update of Win 10, to the Anniversary Edition, My System
is slower, and Arrowing up down and around is Sluggish, and the need to
push the up or down arrow more than once is common.  

I have had several Icons disappear from the Desktop, and some choices are
now gone from some File Manager menus.  

One that is very odd is when I want to move a file from one folder to
some where else.

Say I open the Downloads folder.  I then Arrow to the file to be moved. 
I then Press Shift F10, to bring up the Menu.  I then Arrow down this
menu to SEND TO.
I then Press the Right Arrow to open this up.  I Arrow down to the Flash
Drive, which is usually Drive  F: on this system.  I Press the Enter key
and the file is moved to the Flash Drive.  

When the file has finished copying to the Flash Drive, I find myself
back in the Downloads folder.  

I then Arrow to the next file to be copied, and Press Shift F10 and then
choose SEND TO.  Just like the first time.  But now my choices for the
Drives are gone from the menu .  

Where did my choices go?  

Very Weird behavior.  

Grumpy Dave

Dave <>

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