Here's a link to the developers site where you can download SongR version 1 or 2. It's a zip file with nothing more than the installer. So there's no other junkware to deal with.

I had version 1 and hadn't gotten around to installing it on my new system. So I downloaded version 2 and installed it. The interface has changed considerably. Although it's not bad. But I just installed it and have to go over it some more.

The one big difference I had to figure out is that in order to get to the download from YouTube option I now have to open the file menu. In version 1 it was really the same thing only different. I still had to activate a download from YouTube control in the main window and that opened a secondary window.

So regardless of the version, after you download a song and press Alt-F4 to close the program, you're only closing the download window and you return to the main window, which you can then close.

Here's a very quick tutorial on how to use it.
When you are listening to a YouTube video and want to download it do the following.
1. Pause the video by turning off browse mode and pressing the letter K.
2. Alt-D to go to the address bar and copy the address to the clipboard. Note: In IE the address is selected by default. So all you have to do is Alt-D then Control-C. I don't think it's selected by default in Firefox. But I haven't gotten around to installing that either.
Then you can press F6 to return to the main browser window if you want.
3. Open SongR.
4. Alt-F File, download from YouTube.
5. Paste the URL into the edit box, tab down and select the MP3 radio button. mPeg video is the default.
6. Tab to OK and press the space bar.
This opens a window with the file name to which you can add a path.
Tab to the Save button and press the space bar.
When the download is complete you'll have a open folder button and a clear button.

For what it's worth, I got into the habit of hitting the clear button after every download because it generated a list of all previous downloads. I didn't want to access them from SongR. It also made it not so clear (no pun intended) when the file download was complete. Then I close the SongR windows and go to the folder I had downloaded the file to.

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