Hi. For quite some time, I've installed and used several versions of 
Windoweyes for Office. As I was a version behind I decided to install 
9.5.3 on my Windows 10 Anniversary Update PC.
I downloaded and installed it and the installation seemed to go without 
any issues. However, when I ran Window-eyes I noticed there was no 
speech output (my synth was ESpeak.) By using another screen reader, I 
discovered that the synth had been set to None, which I found odd. I set 
it to ESpeak, adjusted voice parameters to my liking and pressed alt-S 
to save my settings. When I did this, I received a dialog, saying 
"system error. Unable to save file." I could not find anything in the 
knowledge base matching this problem and would welcome any suggestions 
as to how to remedy this. If this issue is not listed in the knowledge 
base, I'd like to offer a suggestion that the VFO staff consider writing 
an article about this, along with its solution.

Many thanks.

       David Goldfield,
Assistive Technology Specialist

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