Some of you are bringing up Screen Readers I have never heard of, and I
was there back in those early DOS days.  

I started out in the mid 1980's with a Tandy TRS 80 with something
called TRSDOS I can't recall the name of the Screen Reader, but it was
basic, but for then, it was way better than having nothing.  The
Synthesizer was an Echo GP, which had this very Robotic Voice.  But,
once  you learned its accent, it was alright.  Spent a lot of time
Writing with something called Lazy /writer, which was a very simple Word
Processor.  I also spent way too much time playing those Info Comm Text
Adventure Games.  

I was to be married to this woman, but it wasn't working out and I broke
up with her.  She was so angry, she threw her Engagement Ring at me.  It
was Gold with Diamonds, so I kept it.  

I ended up trading that Ring for a real deal IBM XT, with a giant 10 MB
HD and 256 K of memory.  

I bought something called PC Enhanced, which was a Screen Reader made by
someone out of Ohio.  Had that until I bought the Screen Reader made by
Artic, which I used for a couple of years.  Think I was still using the
Echo GP for the Synth.  

Then in the mid to early 90's, I bought Vocalize, and I've been a
Vocalize and then Window Eyes user ever since.  

I laugh about it now, but I owe my 25 years of working in the Computer
Software field, to that woman getting so mad, that she flung her Ring at
me.  I would have never been able to buy an IBM system back then, and if
I had not gotten that IBM, I would have never learned enough about
computers to be Dangerous enough for someone to take the risk and hire

Now, that's what I call making Lemon Aid out of Lemons!  

And of course, Vocalize and Window Eyes were invaluable tools to keep me
employed and making some good money.  

funny how things work out sometimes.  

Grumpy Dave

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