Hi David,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Windows 10 will not allow you to 
install Window-Eyes without at least a version 9.2 or higher installer.
As for Hot Spot, you can always install it on a fresh installation of 
Window-Eyes, and you could then overwrite the new INI file with the old INI 
files present in your old default profile folder.
Just make a copy of all the files in your old profile folder so that you can 
grab the necessary Hot Spot files later.
Any Hot Spot files will start with the name hotspot.



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My work PC is being upgraded to Windows 10 and Office 2016, from Windows 7 and 
office 2010.  This includes a new SSD hard drive, so, before the upgrade, I 
would like to copy and transfer some Hotspots that are on the old hard drive.  
I have looked in the Hotspot app, but do not find a copy or export option.  Can 
the Hotspots be exported?

I am also concerned of installing WE 9.5.4 on the new drive, but will cross 
that problem when I get there.  I have a 9.0.0 disk and the 9.5.4 upgrade.

Thanks, David

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