Noreen, please consider giving the following a try:

First, open the E-mail with the attachment
Second, press Shift+Tab and the cursor should move to the general area where
the attachment is
Third, use the right or left arrow to locate the attached document; if you
wish to open it, press the <enter> key and follow the prompts
Fourth, if you wish to save the attachment, press the Applications Key or
Shift+F10, then arrow down to Save As, whack <enter> and follow the prompts.

This is how I've find attachments using Outlook, no idea if it differs with
another mail reader.  It also does not matter for me which screen reader I'm

Sometimes, at least for me, the screen reader would alert me about an
attachment only for me to find out that there isn't an attachment of any
kind.  I don't know why that is!  In general though, when there is an
attachment, it is located between the subject header and the body of the

Denver, Colorado

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