Nathan Edgars II wrote:
> Alexander Menk wrote:
>> is there any better way for mapping "very wide steps" (100 m, half
>> circle) instead of putting lots of steps next to each other.
> highway=steps area=yes?
A very good question posed by Alex. I have a few wide steps (~50m) in my 

It's a good start for a solution from Nathan, but it would need a 
direction tag in order for the renderers to know which way the steps 
went up & down.

A similar(ish) problem was brought up recently regarding routing over 
pedestrian areas. They don't have an intrinsic direction in the way that 
linear ways do. Was a solution found?

Off the top of my head I'm thinking of a line within the area that 
defines the direction. it would have to be linked to the boundary by 
using relations(?)

Hatch/Fill areas in CAD programs such as AutoCAD that have an angle 
attribute. Does mapnik & others have a rotation angle for fills?

Dave F.

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