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>> highway=steps area=yes?
> A very good question posed by Alex. I have a few wide steps (~50m) in my
> city.
> It's a good start for a solution from Nathan, but it would need a
> direction tag in order for the renderers to know which way the steps
> went up & down.

we could adopt something similar to how waterway=riverbank and
waterway=river are used together. an area to mark the outline of the
steps; a single way to mark the 'direction' of them

> A similar(ish) problem was brought up recently regarding routing over
> pedestrian areas. They don't have an intrinsic direction in the way that
> linear ways do. Was a solution found?

does it matter? i'm not sure an area has a 'way' through it. by
definition, pedestrians can take any route across this, including
walking round in circles for hours on end. i assume when we mark it as
area=yes, any decent routing engine will treat the area as something
pedestrians can walk through by the shortest route

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